English Sprint Academy is an intensive two-month, online group coaching program designed for INTERMEDIATE LEARNERS to help you build a learning habit that will bring your English to the next level. The goal of this program is to help you become a confident and natural English USER by following a learning routine that suits you!

Here, you will get weekly study materials, LIVE weekly group coaching call with Naila to answer your specific problems, an exclusive community to give you the motivation, and a caring mentor to support you.

“I couldn’t believe it. How is it possible that my English could improve a lot in just two months?”
– Erima

Are you a…

Working Professional

You work at a company and you need to speak English with your managers/partners/overseas colleagues. Or, you just want that pay raise and promotion!

Fresh Graduate

You're preparing for the workforce. You want to make yourself more marketable and competitive in the job market by having better English skills.

Learner with Urgency

Maybe you live in a foreign country and need to speak English ASAP. Maybe you need English to study abroad. Whatever it is, you need to speak English.. URGENTLY!

..facing these challenges?

– Not feeling confident
– Always forgetting words
– Speaking with messy grammar
– Translating from Indonesian to English
– Thinking too long before speaking
Progressing very slowly
– No supportive friends or community
– Can’t understand native speakers 100%
– Staying consistent in your effort 
– Feeling stuck


Intermediate plateau is a stage in your language learning journey where you are stuck at the intermediate level with very little or no progress. 

but now you are


ready to prioritize your English. ready to do the work. ready to find help. ready to develop yourself. 

Now, if your goal is to:


Keep reading…

How has this program helped students in the past?

Nailingua's 3M Framework will help you PROGRESS in English once and for all

Our 3M Framework will make you understand that English is more than just grammar rules, lesson plan, memorizing vocabulary. It’s a habit. 

First, your mindset needs to be right. 

Progress your English in a short period of time

You will be encouraged to find a learning style that fits you, so YOU HAVE FUN in the process! 

A 3-phase process that takes away the unnecessary work. Set up, Input, Output, Repeat! 

Reach your full potential

Watch THE full, extensive explanation about

your end results:

We asked 18 past students to fill out an anonymous survey and this is what we got: 

Hear real stories of past students overcome their fears and build confidence to talk to foreigners

“I had the courage to ask questions. I used to ask via chat, and now, I can just unmute myself and SPEAK right away! Just after a month” – Ismi 

“The foreign owner told me: “Wow, you speak more fluently now, you no longer need to think about vocab to speak with me.” – Erima 

“I talked to a foreigner about a server problem, and I just felt more confident when speaking, my listening also improved” – Ramdhani


How does the program work?

When the program starts, you will come up with an end goal for your English. In the first week, we will work together to customize a lesson plan for you, including relevant exercises that you will focus on based on your unique goal. For two months, you will be following a 3-phase process that will help you reach your goal. Your job is simple: just do the work.

Week 1

Phase 1 - Set Up

Create a habitual, conducive environment so you can integrate English learning in your daily life

This means setting up your daily life for success. From your reprogramming your mindset, overcoming limiting beliefs, setting goals, finding content that suits YOU, using the right tools tools, and planning your study routine to follow for the next two months. 

Week 2 - Week 3

Phase 2 - Input

Yes! You’ve found relevant and interesting materials from week 1. Now, how do you use these materials to learn and study? 

Just passively consuming content alone is not enough to see progress. You need to implement targeted exercises to get the most out of your favorite content. In Phase 2, we will discuss a couple of techniques to improve your listening skills and grammar in a way that will click with you!

Week 4 - Week 8

Phase 3 - Output

In In this phase, it is time to practice your output so speaking becomes automatic



The program has a mix of Live Q&A, Group Live Sessions and Self-study. Every Sunday, you will receive video materials that you MUST watch before your weekly live sessions. In the week, you will have one group session with your mentor and your two groupmates, and another coaching session with Naila on Wednesday evening. You will be expected to do your weekly homework and dedicate at least 1-hour self study a day. 


every Sunday 17:00 WIB

Get weekly, prerecorded video Materials via web 


1x a week, 2 hours, varying hours

Mentor & buddies session

via Zoom


Wednesdays 19:00, 1.5- 2 hours

Group LIVE Coaching Session with Naila via Zoom


Weekly, varying hours

Do homework & assignment


1 hour of practice time per day

You are REQUIRED to study and practice by yourself


Available Mon – Fri, 19:00 – 21:00


Determine your own schedule!


Available weekdays

Speak English with a mentor and other members on Discord Voice Lounge

Speak with your buddies for a fun and supportive environment

ask specific questions to Naila via Discord text

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If you do the fluency practice daily, take advantage of the practicing facilities that we offer, and do the work. 

Mostly tailored for people who need to communicate in English. So we mostly focus on your listening, speaking, and reading skills. Building the foundation on basic and necessary grammar concepts. 

This is a coaching program. I do not teach English, I help you 


What Did My Clients Say?

This program is different because we have buddies that make me more motivated to learn English
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Adam Cheise
Director at Dynamic
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Catherine Gilbert
Director at Initech
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